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Our ProScan feature helps streamline the claims process which saves you time and money. Here’s how it works:

Autonomous Drone Scan

Say goodbye to dangerous time-consuming roof inspections to capture accurate imagery of your roof and property. ProScan drones capture the entire project in a few minutes and send the data to the cloud for processing. Each drone is backed with a $1M liability insurance policy.

Virtual Roof Inspections

With ProScan we can quickly evaluate your property and its damage from the interactive map view. We can inspect HD photos with the assistance of Anomaly and Potential Hail detections produced by Artificial Intelligence. We have the ability to markup points of interest, maintenance concerns, and weather damage to show our teams where we need to deploy our resources to get your property back up and running.

Premium Reporting

ProScan is our way to give you an unbiased look at your roofing needs with third-party photos and hail-detections. This clarity cuts through the ambiguity and gets you to solutions faster. Our reports can be pulled from the cloud or by utilizing a simple form that builds the base report (PDF file). These reports are practical and digestible for you, so the decision process is simple and easy to understand.